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Create a patio as unique as you are. It's easy to do with our DIY Package. We provide all the materials you need and a free consultation too!

What's Included:
  • Natural Patio Flagstone (enough for 100 sqft)

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Polymeric Sand (Grout)

  • Easy DIY Pdf Guide

Our Natural Stone is not only beautiful but has a lifetime warranty too. That means that once you're done building your patio you don't need to fuss with it again.  You can't say that about a wood deck! 

Our Natural Stone is also environmentally friendly.  It isn't treated with any harsh chemicals and it's sourced responsibly and locally, from right here in Alberta, Canada.  That means you're not only supporting a local business but using local product as well!

Our Natural Stone DIY Package lets you be creative. The design of your patio is only limited by your imagination (check out some real-life DIY's below). Plus, by choosing to go DIY, you're saving a $$ on hiring a landscaping crew. And we deliver!!

Really, what reason do you have not choose our DIY package?

Customer Gallery
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Would recommend to anyone thinking of transforming their space!

We ordered from StoneOne a few years ago to replace our existing patio and a walkway that was rotting and overrun by weeds. At the time, we ran out of flagstones so when we place an extra order during the project, Daniel was very quick to deliver. When he dropped off, he gave us tips on how to improve the project that was being done.

We decided to replace a part of the backyard with flagstones and a firepit area. We ended up ordering a few DIY kits and extra gravel. While dropping off, Daniel checked out the area then he was kind enough to give us extra materials because he deemed that we will need more. How true that was! We had exactly the amount we needed for the project to be done!

Once we placed the order, we confirmed the delivery date right away. When dropping off the kit, he made sure to bring us extra tarps to put under in order to make clean up easier. He ensured that my garage was accessible and everything was laid out neatly!

StoneOne is reliable and affordable! You will not regret ordering from them!

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Best customer service I have had in a long time and extremely well priced. Daniel was always quick to respond and go the extra mile, whether it was delivering extra materials, topping up the order without nickel and diming you, or just simply providing advice. I would highly recommend StoneOne for anyone looking to purchase flagstone or do a DIY project.

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I am extremely pleased with Stone One. Dan originally did my patio 2 years ago, but I was not happy with how it looked (a large part due to the ground settling). I was extremely impressed with the time Dan took to completely redo my patio even better than before. The communication was amazing and I was very pleased with Dan’s commitment to making sure I was happy with the finished product. I highly highly recommend Dan & Stone One.

What You Need:
  • StoneOne DIY Package

  • Marking paint 

  • Wheelbarrow  

  • Shovel 

  • Rake 

  • 8 or 10 foot long 2x4 board 

  • Level 

  • Broom

  • Garden hose 

  • Hand or gas tamper (can be rented from StoneOne ) 

**Once you place an order, you'll receive access to detailed instructions including real-life photos and videos.**

An easy guide to your diy rundle stone patio
diy guide
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